The Journey of VIBGYOR Group of Schools

The journey of VIBGYOR Group of Schools began in 2004, under the visionary leadership of Mr Rustom Kerawalla (Founder Chairman, VIBGYOR Group of Schools); with an ideal mix of academic and corporate professionals who felt the shared need to provide holistic education.

As educators and shapers of the nation's future, our record is unparalleled: 55000+ Students | 36 Schools | 7 States

VIBGYOR Group has come a long way since its inception in 2004; and has evolved to become a name synonymous with Educational Excellence. In a decade’s worth of existence, VIBGYOR Group of Schools has been catering to the educational needs of over 48,000 Students and contributing to the nation’s capacity-building.

Commencing with first VIBGYOR High School in Goregaon West (Mumbai), followed by numerous schools in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Bengaluru, Pune, Vadodara, Surat, Kolhapur and Lucknow, VIBGYOR Group has remained true to its mission of providing quality education.

VIBGYOR Group’s constantly growing network of educational institutions includes Pre-schools under the brand name of VIBGYOR Kids, Primary and Secondary Schools under the brand name of VIBGYOR High International Schools and the newly launched division of schools under the brand names- VIBGYOR Roots (pre-school) and VIBGYOR Rise (Primary and Secondary School).

The three strong ‘pillars’ that define us & our approach

With our well-researched curriculum, modern teaching methodologies and wide range of extra-curricular activities and facilities we constantly strive to enthuse our students with fascinating learning experiences every single day.
We work tirelessly towards creating future leaders, thinkers, change-makers and givers, who would make a real difference in tomorrow’s world while also upholding our cultural traditions.


At VIBGYOR, we aspire to provide our students with holistic education across the learning spectrum. We guide our students to nurture their own interests and then channelise their fresh energy towards harnessing their unique talents and abilities; whether academic or otherwise. As a result of this organic process, our students also get an insight into their strengths and weaknesses, their likes and dislikes, and their passion and motivation.


Empowering students for a better tomorrow is at the heart of the VIBGYOR world. It is our belief, our mantra and our inspiration.

Vibgyor School History

VIBGYOR Group of Schools aims to provide young students with a healthy environment to help them develop cognitively, intellectually, artistically and athletically. We equip our students with moral and cultural values to enable them to become responsible global citizens of tomorrow.

Our core teaching methodologies focus on a colourful blend of traditional classroom learning combined with extensive sports facilities, extra-curricular activities, social and cultural events and special occasions, thus ensuring a holistic education for our students.

Our caring teachers devote themselves to our students becoming their guardian, mentor and friend. At VIBGYOR, our curriculum is designed to ignite our young students’ minds and positively navigate their vibrant energy towards building a better and brighter future for India and the world. The three strong ‘pillars’ below define us for who we are:

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